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Why do we celebrate Valentines Day?

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When do we start celebrating love?

Valentine is a day with a really curious story. We can start with the pagan festivals that were celebrated in Rome dedicated to fertility. Go through the creation of "the Court of Love" established by King Charles VI of France where adolescent men competed to find a partner among the court maidens. And to get to what is considered the oldest love letter that exists and that the French Duke, Charles of Orleans, after being captured at the Battle of Azincourt and locked up in the Tower of London, wrote to his wife on February 14 ...

Why celebrate Valentine's Day?

Well, because in the year 494 after Christ, Pope Gelasius I decided to reconvert it into a Catholic holiday. For this he had a suitable candidate, the saint who in 270 BC defied the order of Emperor Claudius II that prohibited young people from marrying (he thought that single children without children were better soldiers) and secretly married young couples in love.

It was in the early 19th century in Britain that Valentine's Day cards , with ready-made phrases, began to be marketed and quickly spread to the rest of Europe and America.

In any case and being clear that love must be celebrated , cared for and pampered every day, it is a day as good as any other for you and your partner to spend extra time, why not ?: a beautiful sunset , a walk by the sea, a romantic dinner, a bottle of cava, some strawberries, some chocolate truffles ...

In the Nordic countries, it is at this time when birds mate and mate, hence this period is seen as a symbol of love and creation. I do not say more.

We give it to you with our Valentine's pack . The love you put it.


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