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Frequently Asked Questions

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When is my reservation firm and confirmed

It is firm when the payment of the deposit of 20% of the total reservation has been made, and confirmed when the payment of 100% of the total amount of the stay has been correctly made.

How can I confirm that you have received my reservation?

If you have booked through our website, in the upper left part of the web you will find the menu with the section "My Booking" where, introducing your email and the booking number, you can confirm that everything is ready for your stay.

How many people can sleep in the apartments? Is it paid per apartment or per person?

Prices are set per apartment and are calculated depending on the number of people staying (adults and children over 3 years old). The number of people staying in an apartment must not exceed that indicated in the accommodation (see rate) with the exception of children under 3 years of age.

Do children pay? Up to what age are considered children?

Children under 3 years old can stay for free. We have cots and high chairs (for a fee), please let us know at the time of booking.

Do I need to make a deposit?

The establishment may charge 20% of the total amount at any time after making the reservation. 80% of the total amount will be charged at least 7 days before arrival.

Do I have to pay a supplement for paying by credit card?

No. It is a form of payment as valid as the transfer. However, to stay in our apartments, you must always provide a valid credit card to formalize the deposit.

How can I get to the hotel?

On the website of each property you will find the address and a "google map's" icon. Click on the icon to open the map and check your location to see the best route to the hotel.

How can I cancel my reservation? What happens if I cancel my reservation?

Cancellation policy:
• If you cancel or modify up to 7 days before entry, no charges will be generated.
• If you cancel or modify up to 3 days before entry, 20% of the total reservation will be lost.
• If you cancel or modify 2 days before entry, the client will lose 100% of the total reservation.

Reservations between July 15 and August 25:
• 30 days before entry, if you cancel or modify, no charges will be generated.
• From 29 days before entry, when modifying or canceling the client will lose 100% of the total reservation.

Is there an extra charge?

No. All the prices of the rates include the corresponding VAT. The price indicated at the time of booking is the final price, you will only have extra expenses if you request any of the additional services that we offer, such as: additional cleaning, pet, parking, cot rental ...

Is there a reception?

We have a reception service located in Plaza de la Senyoria nº 2, in Port Saplaya. Reception hours are from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 16:00 to 20:00. After hours, we will provide you with a telephone for emergencies.

Where can I collect the keys to the apartment?

At our reception you must check in and we will give you the keys. After hours (10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.), we have a late-check-in car service.

Do I have any supplements if I arrive at night or at dawn?

Outside reception hours, we have the Auto Late Check-In service available to our clients. It has a cost of € 15.

This service consists of leaving the apartment keys inside a safe, located in the courtyard next to the Reception, which works with codes. If at the time of making your reservation you request this service, you will be sent an email one day before entry with the necessary codes to access said safe.

At what time should I leave the apartment?

The departure time from the apartments is until 11:00 h. There is the possibility of checking out later, but it is subject to availability, after consulting the reception and paying the corresponding fee.

How is the apartment check out?

Reporting it duly at reception and handing over the keys. In the event of an early departure (before the Reception opens), you must leave the keys in the mailbox designated for this purpose which is located next to the Reception entrance, on the left side. There is a white gate with a space to enter the keys.

Can I leave suitcases?

There is no problem in leaving your suitcases at Reception, we will keep them without any surcharge.

How should I leave the apartment?

We ask all our clients to leave the apartment in similar conditions to how they found it (garbage thrown away, china, clean dishes and kitchen, air conditioning and lights off, etc). In case you want us to carry out these tasks, the cost of this service is € 20 for additional cleaning.

If I need something, who do I turn to?

At Reception we will be happy to assist you.

Do the apartments have parking?

We have private parking, it is underground and has direct access to the apartments. The price of the parking is € 10 per day.

Is there a supplement to have a cot in the apartment?

The cots are travel type, they are delivered equipped with bedding and pillow and have an extra price of € 5 per day.

How can I access the pool?

It is accessed with a pass that is given at Reception upon arrival. The pool is only open during the summer period.

Will I have a cleaning service during the stay?

For stays longer than 7 days there is a change of sheets and towels. If you wish, you can request an extra cleaning service at a cost of € 20.

Change of bed linen and towels

The apartments are fully equipped with sets of two towels per person. The beds are prepared with sheets, blankets and bedspreads. Every 7 days from check-in, our team of chambermaids will provide you with a clean set of towels and sheets per client.

Is it possible to have an extra bed in the apartment?

We have extra beds available and have an extra price of € 15 per day.

Do the apartments have a hairdryer?

The Premium apartments all have a hairdryer. For the rest of the apartments, go to Reception where they will lend you a hairdryer, according to availability.

What does each apartment include?

Please consult the list in the description of each apartment.

Do I need to bring something?

You will find our apartments fully equipped with everything you need for a pleasant stay. However, beach towels, personal hygiene items, or any type of food or drink are not included.

Are towels and bed linen included in the apartment?

The apartment is delivered equipped with bed linen and bath towels as well as a tablecloth and a kitchen towel.

What kitchen utensils does the apartment have?

In the kitchen there is complete kitchenware available for the number of people staying.

Do all the apartments have sea views?

Yes, the three buildings are on the beachfront and each apartment has a terrace with direct views of the sea.

Is there WIFI in the apartments?

Yes. In addition, there is also at reception.

Do you have soap / amenities in the bathroom?

No, you must provide your personal hygiene items including toilet paper. You will receive a courtesy roll upon arrival. The Premium apartments have soap gel in the bathrooms and toilet paper

Is smoking allowed in the apartments?

Yes, we have apartments for smokers.

What happens if something is lost or broken?

We kindly ask you to notify Reception as soon as possible to replace and / or repair it and assess its cost. You will find in the Directory of each apartment the complete inventory of the objects with which it is equipped. If after your departure any lack or damage not indicated is observed, your charge will be made against the deposit made.

Are pets allowed?

Yes. We kindly ask you to tell us at the time of booking that you will be staying with your pet. We have apartments to accommodate them. The pet must be well educated so as not to affect the basic rules of coexistence and not cause inconvenience to the adjacent neighbors. We will provide a feeder and water trough for your pet. The supplement is € 10 per day per pet.

What time can I enter the apartment?

The official time of entry to the apartments is 16:00. However, if you arrive earlier and the apartment is ready and available, we will have no problem handing you the keys. Always subject to availability.

Can I do the laundry in the apartment?

Yes. There is a washing machine in each apartment or in the common area on the terrace of the Trinquete building, at your disposal. In addition, each apartment has a folding clothesline for drying clothes, an iron and an ironing board.
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