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At the beginning of the 70s… Sea You Apartaments Port Saplaya was born

Sea You Apartaments Port Saplaya was born in the early 70s as a collaborative project between a group of businessmen and the owners of the sandy areas near the Alboraia beach. This population is known worldwide for its typical product, tiger nut milk. To grow tigernuts it is necessary to mix soil and sand. Most of the owners of the fields by the sea, joined the project.

At that time the beach was difficult to access and for this reason, despite being 4 kilometers from València, it was not used for bathing.

The project, inspired by various developments on the Côte d'Azur in France and the Riviera in Italy, mainly Port Grimaud in the Gulf of Saint Tropez, consisted of building a port or dock surrounded by individual homes in which each neighbor could have their boat docked. at the door of your house.
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