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What to do so that your pet does not suffer from his fear of noise

Port Saplaya

The fear of pet noises, whether of thunder, firecrackers, or other roars, can turn into a phobia that affects their health and well-being and, by extension, ours.

For years, Spain has been considered the loudest country in the European Union , and the second after Japan worldwide, as reflected in the world ranking of noisy cities prepared by the World Health Organization. And what are we going to say about Valencia in Fallas: the music of the bands, the festivals, the macletás, the firecrackers ...

Fear of noises like thunder, slamming doors, and fireworks is a common problem for all animals. Sound impacts the hearing of pets , due to its special sensitivity. It can cause great nervousness to them and to us, it can be a real anguish and concern.

But there are things we can do to try to alleviate these effects of noise:

-You can teach him to associate noise with something positive, such as a candy. You can do it with a vacuum cleaner. Turn it on and bring it closer to your pet, stay next to it, reassure it, caress it and give it some treat. Practice it several times, until you get used to it and no longer identify the noise as threatening.
-Use a pheromone necklace to reduce stress levels. They can be used to great effect on anxious cats and dogs.
-Hide noise with other sounds. Turn on the radio or television to muffle background noise.
-When the noise starts, try to give him something to chew on. This action reduces stress because you will be more distracted.
-Don't leave him alone at home.
-Transmit calm. That he does not see you nervous or upset with him because you know what is going to happen.
-If your pet is a dog, you can try “Doggies”, a project by the Valencian company Valway that consists of a band placed around the body. The pressure exerted by the band when placing it pressing certain points on its body, transmits sensory information to the dog's brain and serves as a substitute for the pressure that a human can exert when stroking it.

In any case, we know that the best thing is to be able to enjoy our favorite parties with them and have them by our side. And if you cannot calm your pet with so much noise, you can come with her on those days to Port Saplaya , which we will be delighted to welcome you and surely the walks on the beach and the warmth of the Sun will make her tremendously happy. And you too.


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