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Traveling with a pet. How to take her if you cant stop thinking about her when you go on vacation.

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Thinking about how and where to travel with your pet when you go on vacation is inevitable. More and more people choose to share life with an animal and make it a member of the family, and I do not mean just a dog or a cute kitten that is the most common, from birds to snakes, through hedgehogs, hamsters or pigs Vietnamese… And as a family member that you are, you also deserve to go on vacation. And once this is non-negotiable, the steps to follow will be determined by the way you choose to travel with her and of course her character.

Travel with your pet safely

There are things when you travel with your pet that are mandatory, such as the one that is properly identified, that includes the mandatory microchip in the European Union and the daily vaccination record. Without that, it's like you went on a trip without your ID or your passport. Unthinkable. It is highly recommended that you have your own insurance or that it be included in yours.
Keep it calm, animals are very stressed by changes and a trip is an inexhaustible source of new things to explore, it can be lost if it gets lost in an unknown place. Do not change his diet and try not to eat much before the trip, if he gets dizzy he could vomit.
Keep in mind that there are people who do not like animals, or who may have some kind of allergy, be considerate, do not let them approach or, of course, get on top of anyone, especially in very places trafficked like stations or airports. If she is not going to travel with you, it will reassure her to bring some familiar object with her, such as a toy. Consider that it may be necessary to give him some tranquilizer, he may appreciate it if stress affects him a lot. Your vet will tell you for sure the most suitable one.

Travel by car

The first thing to take into account is the Traffic Law and what it says mainly is that the animal must not interfere with the driver's position or his field of vision. There are different types of mooring to be able to carry the animal subject and that it does not move freely through the vehicle, racks, carriers, moorings of one hitch, of two ... choose the one that best suits you.

Use appropriate restraint measures for your pet

If the trip is going to be very long, plan it taking into account stops for him to stretch, drink water or relieve himself. Eye! When you open the door that you do not miss. Of course, never leave him alone locked in the car especially if it is summer. Using common sense and for you that you know her well, traveling with your pet in a car should not pose any problem.

Travel by train

In Spain, Renfe will allow you to travel with your pet if it does not weigh more than ten kilos and as long as it goes in an adapted bag or container, come on, you cannot carry it in your arms. Depending on the type of train, conditions change, for AVE and long and medium distance trains you need to get a specific ticket for them, except if you travel in business class or in individual compartments. In most European countries you can travel with your pet for free.

Travel by airplane

Most of the European companies: Alitalia , Air France , Luffthansa …, the Spanish included <a href = "https://www.iberia.com/es/viajar-con-iberia/animales/" target = "_ blank" > Iberia, Air Europa , Vuelingthey will allow you to travel with your pet in the cabin as long as they are small and are in a carrier, if not, you will have to go to the hold and pay an extra. The problems come if you plan to go to Great Britain or Ireland, which have many restrictions on the entry of live animals, so if you fly there, companies like Ryanair will not let you get your partner on the plane.

You can travel by plane with your pet

It is better that you ask the company before getting the ticket online, it is possible that the confirmation that your pet can travel will be made after buying the ticket.

Travel by boat

In any of the main Spanish shipping companies: Balearia , Transmediterranea you can travel with your pet with you, which does not prevent you from taking it with you. They have spaces enabled for them and of course, different rates. They will let you go see her and bring her food and drink so it is not badly solved.
If you have already made up your mind and have taken a trip with your pet, surely you have faced many and varied problems and have had fun experiences, do you tell us?


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