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Route of the Castillo del Real in Olocau

Port Saplaya

Not just sea.

Now that it begins to cool and even if it costs us more, it is also very good to take a different walk and breathe air with a mountain aroma. Very close to Port Saplaya we have the beautiful Sierra Calderona that from its peaks offers us beautiful views of the sea and the entire city.

One of those pleasant routes is the Castell del Real in Olocau .

From its 574 m. This fortress served, along with other nearby ones, as a defensive bastion for Valencia, guarding the northwestern entrances. Its origin is in the 11th century, and its original name was " Hisn al-Uqab " " The Castle of the Eagle ", perhaps due to the cliffs that surround it and its elevation with respect to the territory that surrounds it, although it may also be to the abundant eagles that at that time inhabited that area of La Calderona.

It seems that the Cid Campeador was looking for the castle in the Reconquest because it was said that King Al-Qadir ordered to hide his treasures and his concubines within its walls. In any case, it was one of the last castles to fall into the hands of the Christians who changed its name to Castillo de Olocau and later ended up being called “Castillo del Real”.

The route is not very difficult, although going up to the castle can be somewhat tiring if we are not used to walking. It is a circular route, which leaves from the town itself, which is perfect to park the car and return to it without problems. It is approximately 13 km long and can be done at a normal pace in about four hours.

At the beginning of the route we find El Venturer , a beautiful monumental tree that really begins at l'arquet and Font de la Cava . Follow the RoEl Venturer Route, a monumental tree on the outskirts of Olocau and the starting point of the excursion marked by the Serra Calderona Natural Park and following the signs it is impossible to get lost. Throughout the entire route we will enjoy the vegetation typical ofthe Mediterranean forest , garroferos, pines, palmitos ... and if we go calmly we can stop from time to time to enjoy the fantastic landscape.

To go down we take the path that surrounds the castle hill through a lush forest and following the ravine we reach the old Moorish town of La Olla. On the way back, we passed through the beautiful Font del Sentig on the way to Barranc dels Frares , to finally reach Olocau again.


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