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Central Market, a must see

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The Central Market of the city of Valencia is a modernist style construction that began to be built in 1914 by Francesc Guàrdia i Vial and Alexandre Soler, both trained at the Barcelona School of Architecture and having worked in the team of collaborators of Domènech i Montaner, architect who was characterized by his own style within the lines of modernism.

The Central Market brings together almost 400 small merchants, mobilizing 1,500 people daily. It is the largest center in Europe dedicated to the specialty of fresh products; and the first market in the world that has faced the challenge of computerization of home sales and distribution, since October 2, 1996.

Selling vegetables.
Market dome.
Sale of eggs.
Sale of nuts.
Sale of seafood.
Sale of cuttlefish.
Sale of fruits.

It is one of the main tourist attractions in the city of Valencia. It is convenient to get lost in its streets, admire the polychrome of the fruits, feel the murmur of the voices of the people who speak and laugh; perceive the smells of roasted pumpkin, oranges, celery and artichokes; of the ovens, of the herbs and spices, to which Valencian cuisine is so given; spices that were already received in Valencia from the East through the route that passed through Venice and Naples in the 15th century; and that Joanot Martorell praised in "Tirant lo Blanch" when referring to ginger together with malvasia.

Appreciated by the Valencians, the Central Market is attended by fulfilling a traditional citizen rite, when Christmas days arrive and the stalls compete in ornamentation. As a replica of the fruits in stained glass and ceramics, it would seem that the garden, prodigiously, shows all the richness and variety of its crops specially placed in wicker, esparto or hemp baskets; while shellfish and fish have a bed of ice and parsley; without forgetting all the variety of nuts —especially figs and plums— that with the «porrat» (chickpeas in brine for a few hours, which are then roasted and given a plaster and salt bath) are requested on these dates, when you have to buy "The arrangement" (set of ingredients) for the "Christmas pot", the steaming plate that brings the family together and sings carols that are delicate lullabies: "No plores fillet, que et vela la mare; sleepy that the pare et fa un bressolet ».

Since 2004, the Integral Rehabilitation of the Market is in charge of the Madrid firm Fernández del Castillo Arquitectos, directed by Horacio Fernández del Castillo. His intervention consisted of a complete restoration of the building; and an update of the commercial function as a market and its facilities.

It is located between the Market Square, next to the Lonja de la Seda and the city square of Bruges. The old street of La Paja separates the Central Market from the Iglesia de los Santos Juanes. On the opposite side, the Central Market overlooks the pretty streets Palafox, Plaza En Gall and Calle de las Calabazas.

In the Central Market all kinds of food are sold such as fish, seafood, fruits, meats and sausages both for domestic consumption and to supply important restaurants in Valencia. Shopping in this place is charged with great charm due to the beauty of its architecture and the tradition and history of the market. The opening hours are every day, except Sunday, from 7:30 to 14:30.


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