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Animals Are Not Things - New Law for Animals

Port Saplaya
Animal lovers (and those who are not too, even if they don't want to) are in luck. On December 12, the Congress of Deputies, with the support of all groups, approved the processing of the #AnimalesNoSonCosas initiative of the Affinity Foundation and the Animal Justice and Defense Observatory .

It is a proposal of law to change the legal regime of animals, so that they are no longer considered as things. According to the Spanish Civil Code dating from 1889, animals are still considered "livestock assets", that is, mere things and therefore susceptible to form part of inheritances, embargoes or divorce deals ...

The Affinity Foundation and the Animal Justice and Defense Observatory are the ones that have promoted the reform so that animals receive the legal status they deserve.

According to the results of the survey they have carried out and presented on World Animal Day, 84% of the Spanish population is in favor of animals being considered "living beings endowed with sensitivity" and 85% consider that animals politicians should legislate for the welfare of animals . Last year the Congress of Deputies unanimously approved to urge the Government to undertake this legal reform that is now being carried out.

The Minister of Justice has received the promoting entities to give their support to the initiative and to acknowledge the work carried out by both entities, which have participated both in the process and in the preparation of the text.

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