At Port Saplaya apartments pets are always welcome. You can travel with your dog or pet and enjoy your stay with them at Port Saplaya.

with pets

We know how important it is to be able to travel with your dog or cat, and that’s why we offer this service of accommodation with your pets.

If you bring your pet to Port Saplaya, don’t forget to mention it when you book. This service has an additional cost of 10€ per day. Your apartment will be supplied with eating and drinking bowls for your pet.

Your dog can
enjoy the beach too.

One of the advantages of travelling to Valencia with your pet is that both of you can enjoy the beach. Close to our apartments you will find two beaches adapted for dogs.

Dog Beach
at El Puig

Close to Port Saplaya apartments you will find the La Torreta-Santa Elvira at El Puig, where dogs are welcome.

How to get there

At both beaches dogs must be on a lead, and if your dog has been certified as a dangerous breed, it must wear a muzzle.

Dog Beach
in Valencia

Valencia city has a beach that is totally prepared for dogs, located at Pinedo.

How to get there

If you are travelling with a dog, remember to bring your Pet Passport. You most have it on you if you take your dog to the beach.
There are clinics for pets at the town of Alboraya, to which Port Saplaya belongs.