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Safety against COVID-19

Port Saplaya

On March 16, we were forced to close the Port Saplaya Apartments and cancel all existing reservations.

Throughout this period, we have tried to maintain communication with our clients through various communications on social networks, as well as by email directly, trying to resolve all possible doubts as far as possible.

We have renovated another apartment building with what we already have 60% of our facilities completely updated. Last May we carried out nebulization disinfection work, both in the apartments and in all our facilities in order to guarantee the reopening as coronavirus-free spaces and we are taking all the recommended and necessary measures to offer maximum security:

Social distancing measures:
-Use of screens to prevent the spread of the virus
-Use of the elevators under the same family unit or clients staying in the same apartment / room at the hotel.
-Common areas such as gym or sauna are closed in the hotel
-In the apartments, the room keys are delivered through safes with a password and inside a previously disinfected bag. At the hotel, the room cards will also be delivered previously disinfected.
-Safety distance of 2 meters between clients and workers.
-Signage at reception with marks on the ground, indicating the safety distance in front of the counter.

Extraordinary safety and preventive measures:
-Telephone attention 24 hours before serious incidents.
-Temperature controls to workers and customers with non-contact thermometers
-Amiab disinfection certificate. (nebulizer)
-Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers
-Mandatory use of masks
-Cleaning of common areas every hour and a half
-In case of not being able to travel for reasons of force majeure and related to the Covid, the reservation will be saved for the next season
-Washing bedding at temperatures above 90º as recommended by the Ministry of Health
-Additional cleaning and disinfection in all rooms, more frequently and paying special attention to high contact points such as doors, elevator buttons, chairs, etc.
-Elimination of carpets and decorative textiles.

With all these measures we intend to ensure the tranquility of all clients so that they only have to worry about enjoying their rest days.

At Libertas 7, SA, the parent company of Apartamentos Port Saplaya, we understand that we must face this situation individually but also as a company, which is why, as soon as possible, we offered the authorities the Port Saplaya apartments as emergency accommodation and made a donation. 10% of the dividends received in the first quarter for the acquisition of masks and surgical gowns, subsequently delivered to Valencian public hospitals.


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